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President’s Message

China is recognized as an agricultural mega nation by the World; its people grown up by eating grains and wheat. This has been a tradition for more than 5000 years.

Along with the advancement of technology, Chinese people’s living standard is rising dramatically. What was once our food has become the food for animals that we eat in our daily life. As a result of that, Chinese people’s intake of fat and protein has risen up to 80 times of what was before. Our eating habit changed; our metabolism was so used to break down starch and fiber that it cannot adapt to the change from fiber to fat. This is reason why Chinese people is having diseases such as :

Cancer, Subhealth problems, Steatosis Hepatis, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Hyperglycaemia, Cardio-cerebrovascular disease.

Shocking fact:

180 million People have cardio- cerebrovascular disease; in two white collars, one has high cholesterol; one has high blood pressure out of 4 people. Out of every 4 people whose death is caused by diseases, at least one dies because of cardio-cerebrovascular disease; out of 5 kindergartens, one has obesity; the youngest age that dies because of cardio-cerebrovascular disease is 27.


China’s ecological environment is devastating; PM2.5 value has reached its historical high, and as we all know Chinese water quality is below world’s standards. Not only these, poisonous food, poisonous milk powder, heavy metal and other chemicals are entering our body on a daily basis. One phrase says: “if we flatten a Chinese person’s body, we could make an elements table out of it.”

Liver problems, cancer is all problems that come from these. In other words, if you live in China, these problems cannot be avoided.

In 2010, we held a conference; approximately 200 professionals practising Chinese traditional medicine and western medicine were invited to Vancouver to discuss how to prevent these deadly diseases from happening. These diseases show no sign of symptoms, but once we feel uncomfortable, then it has already become incurable.  How to prevent these diseases from happening has become an issue that we need to act upon immediately.

Human body is like a chemical plant; lacking in vitamins and minerals can cause metabolic enzymes and co-enzymes not functioning, which will stop cells working properly. This results our body feels fatigue, compromising immune system, making our body easily be exposed for disease.



PURENCE Health Supplement can :

1, Supply vitamins and minerals our body is lacking

2, Prevent damage from free radicals caused by excessive fat intake

3, Repair blood vessels and maintain a normal blood circulation

4, Help delaying body’s degeneration process


Our head of R&D is from University of British Columbia, together we formulated a series of health supplement designed specifically for the Chinese population in defense against cancer, cardio-cerebrovascular disease, steatosis hepatis, subhealth conditions and joint problems.

We hope PURENCE can reach out to you; together we help you to get a healthy body and a wonderful life. After all, a healthy lifestyle is priceless.



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