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Marine Algea Extract

Marine Algea Extract

  • Posted by sunstormhealth
  • On September 9, 2013


What is Marine Algea?

Marine Algea is the most nutritional superfood on earth.  It contains a wide range of trace elements, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and enzymes not found in any other food.

Chlorophyll is an important element in Algea; it is used to transform sunlight into nutrients for plant growth.


TOM HARPER’s story

Tom Harper is a fisherman. He feeds his shellfish on marine Algea because they made his shellfish grow faster and bigger.  Then tragedy struck Harper was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a form of lung cancer with a very poor prognosis. He began to lose weight and was advised to get his affairs in order. One day, more on a whim than anything else, he decided to eat some of his algae paste. Since it had nourished his shellfish so well, maybe it could also nourish him. As it turns out, it did more than nourish Tom. It restored his energy and relieved his pain. Of course, he kept taking it. And then he noticed something else. Tom had been an insulin dependent diabetic but now found himself free of the disease. But that was nothing compared with what doctors found when they operated on his diseased lungs. The tumors were covered with some white stuff they had never seen before and had turned benign!

The Algea Tom Harper ate was in paste form.  We, however, dried the paste into powder. Since 93% of the Algea is made up of water, only 7% remains when it was dried. Each of our capsules contains 100mg of this concentrated powder; they are specifically manufacture for helping people fight off caner.

Chlorophyll is the key to fight off cancer.

Chlorophyll synthesize sunlight to produce energy for plant growth.

Chlorophyll and his related molecules all have anti-oxidant properties.

1500mg/L—600000mg/L of chlorophyll is effective against carcinogens.

Consume 100mg of marine Algea (before or during meal) can almost decrease the chance of getting cancer to zero.


Excessive intake of meat results in cancer.



Red meat contains heme, when heme enters our gastrointestinaltract, catalysis process occurs, producing Apparent Total N-nitroso Compounds. ATNC will cause DNA damage and DNA-abbuct, the mutated DNA will cause cancer cells to be produced.

Processed meat contains nitrosyl heme. When this type of heme enters our gastrointestinaltract, catalysis process occurs, causing lipid peroxidation. MDA and 4-HNE will be produced. MDA will cause DNA-adduct and 4-HNE will cause cytotoxic and genotoxic materials to be produce. Both of these 2 reactions will cause cancer cells to be produced.


Marine Algea can effectively stop both of these two chemical reactions.

More importantly, people diagnosed with advanced cancer have an acidic ph level; since marine Algea is alkaline, it can change our body ph level to alkaline, cancer cells cannot reproduce in alkaline conditions.


Even though there is a lot type of Algea products on the market, scientific research has not determined which of these Algea actually have effect on cancer. The only ones proven to have effect is those supplied by Tome Harper.



This is the molecular structure for heme;  it is very similar to nitrosylheme. Nitrosylheme is a carcinogen recongnized by the world’s medical society.


 Suitable for

Purence Marine Algea Extract is suitable for people who wants to keep themselves away from cancer. Take two capsules per day.

Cancer patients through early stage(take 5-10 capsules per day) to late stage (take 20 capsules per day).

Diabetes patients take four capsules per day.