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Purence Red Wine Extract

Purence Red Wine Extract

  • Posted by sunstormhealth
  • On September 12, 2013



The element in grapes and red wine, is discovered by researchers in the UTSW to reduce blood sugar and improve insulin levels.  Insulin is needed to convert sugar inside the blood into energy accessible in the body’s cells. Somebody with diabetes won’t produce insulin into their body or does not properly react to insulin. This just ends up with abnormally high blood glucose levels with many resulting health issues which include heart disease, blindness, stroke, and nerve destruction.  Resveratrol has been confirmed to raise your body’s awareness to insulin and as a consequence reduces the quantity of insulin required to maintain your desired blood sugar level.

In addition, resveratrol has a substance that when it is digested, it can cut our calorie intake. If we use it constantly over a long period, it can set our sirtuins(longevity genes) into overdrive. These sirtuins increases the success count of cells and likewise reduce chemical reactions of enzymes for that reason increasing the life time by stabilising DNA.

Purence Red Wine Extract contains 50mg of resveratrol per capsule. It is equal to 100 bottles of red wine per capsule!


Suitable for

Purence Red Wince Extract is suitable for people who has diabetes or wants to stay away from it. It contains 50 mg of Resveratrol per capsule which stabilize SIRT 1 genes and control insulin sensitivities and secretions.